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Just what the world needs: Another online forum…

Some of you may know that we started the online forum for American Road magazine back in the fall of 2002. We were at a Route 66 festival in Springfield, Illinois in 2002 when our friend Jim Ross, one of the founders of the magazine, informed us he & Thomas & Becky Repp were starting a new magazine and he wanted us to run their forum.  We started on Yahoo Groups and the forum was eventually taken in house by the magazine.

It’s been a fairly easy forum to maintain, as all of our members “get it” as far as what we want and expect out of them. They make it easier because our members want the same thing we do.

With our new found hobby of being RV owners, we’ve decided to create our own online forum for owners & fans of the T@B and T@DA travel trailers. After looking at a few options for forums, we chose one on Ning, which can be found here.  I was a little leery at first, but after playing around on it for a couple of days, I’m hooked. It’s got a little of everything, as well as a Facebook edge to it. There’s another site for T@B owners on Yahoo Groups, but it can be unnecessarily restrictive on topics, so we decided to open another option for other T@B and T@DA owners. We plan on treating this forum like we do the AR forum: It’s a forum for the members.

The Yahoo forum has over 3,000 members after six years and we have 5 members after two days. Our forum may get there one day…depending on when we sell! 🙂

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