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Decisions, Decisions…

One of my biggest problems I encounter at times is the inability to make a decision. Going to a restaurant with a wide range of goodies to choose from can be downright frustrating. Well, I’ve come face to face with this “demon” yet again! I found this web site that has some cool looking Christmas cards. They’re all quite cool, but I want to go with one design. That’s where YOU come in! You’re all going to help me decide which design to go with. I’ve put all six images on my flickr site, and they can be seen here. Once you’ve checked them out, just come back here and place your vote below. Pretty simple, eh? I’ll order next week, so I’ll run the poll through the weekend. until someone breaks this tie!



And so it finally ends! After 6 brave souls dared cast their vote for the future of the Christmas card we send out this year, it came to a tie…..which went unbroken. So the decision was made to go with one box of each. Wow…I made a decision! 😉


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