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Thanksgiving on Route 66….

What started out as a 4 day weekend trip to Georgia turned out to be a 3 1/2 day trip on Route 66 to Oklahoma. We had planned on heading to an area of Georgia about an hour southeast of Atlanta to check out filming locations for “My Cousin Vinny”, filmed down there in the early 1990’s. However, the forecast for the weekend included some rain, so we decided Thursday afternoon to head west to Route 66 instead.

We arrived in St. James, Missouri that evening and spent the night at Finn’s Motel. A basic, older motel with basic amineties.

Friday we resumed our cruise on 66 through Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma. We had a fine dinner at Waylan’s Ku-Ku Burger in Miami, Oklahama.

After having a fine burger at Waylan’s, we continued our journey west, and found our overnight stop at the Skyliner Motel in Stroud, Oklahoma. This is a simple, 10 room mom & pop motel that had a swell neon sign to gaze at.

Saturday we journeyed a little further west and had breakfast at the fairly new Pops gas station & cafe in Arcadia, Oklahoma. This place is a must stop on your next 66 journey. They’ve got over 400 different pops of all varieties. The 66 foot tall soda bottle next to Route 66 is quite the sight to behold, and even more impressive at night.

Leaving Pops, we made our way into Oklahoma City, but didn’t do much other than turn around, as it was time to make our way back east. We stopped back in Arcadia at the restored Round Barn.

East of Arcadia, we stopped at John Hargrove’s OK County 66, a tribute to Route 66. We spent a good hour there talking with John and marveling at his display of home made Route 66 icons.

We had read about John’s place in Jerry McClanahan’s EZ Guide to Route 66. I HIGHLY encourage you to drop by & have John show you around.

We then stopped in Chandler, OK for a visit at the new Route 66/Chandler Interpretive Center, housed in the old Armory Building.

Leaving Chandler, we continued east on 66 and stopped in the Red Fork area of Tulsa at Ollies Station Restaurant for an early dinner.

With the sun quickly sinking after dinner, we moved on with some four hours of drive time ahead of us. Unfortunately for a furry four-legged creature (I think it was a cat), it met its fate with our car somewhere on 66 between Narcissa and Miami. It was at full stride, it was dark, and by the time it came into the view of the headlights, it was too late. So late that I didn’t even have time to react and hit the brakes. RIP, little fella. 😦

When we got to Joplin, we jumped on I-44 so we could make it to Springfield, which we did. Our motel of choice in Springfield is the Rest Haven Court, and it’s still the bargain as it’s been since my first stay there in 1997. Plus, the neon is pristine, as you can tell.

Sunday morning we awoke to snow showers and 33 degrees. Hardly reassuring elements to travel 450 miles home. It was like that most of the day and we didn’t encounter anything wheel gripping. Although it was dreary, we still were able to visit some old & new relics along 66.

We rolled into St. Louis after taking the original Manchester Road alignment from the west end of St. Louis. We then jumped on I-70…where our trip essentially ended…for the tedious 3 1/2 hour trip back home. More pics are here on my Flickr site. Some aren’t tagged yet, but that’ll be coming shortly.


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