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Wow…has it been a month and six days since I cruised around the speedway?? No wonder I’m getting complaints from the 3 people who check this thing! I thought I’d talk about a trip up to northern Indiana last Saturday until I realized it just wasn’t that intersting. Then I thought, well, maybe I’ll talk about my TV. Then I thought I’d just talk about anything that pops into my head. Done!

–The 500. What a race! Well, not really that great of a race, but there was a lot of action. We were in the 2nd row in the Tower Terrace. Vitor Meira’s pit was directly in front of us…20-some feet away.  Vitor didn’t have the best of days. First, a miscue on a pit stop caused a slight eruption.

I’m sure later he wished that fire would’ve put him out of the race, because he then would’ve avoided this spectacular crash, which broke two vertebrae in his lower back.

Vitor will recover, but he likely won’t be back in a car until the 2010 season.

–The TV. The television we have in our living room is rather smallish by today’s standards…about a 20″… however, I’d never think of getting rid of it for a larger model.

I aquired this Sony in the early 1990’s after my grandfather passed away. My dad & two aunts got it for my grandparents sometime around 1988. In the early 1990’s when my grandparents went into a nursing home, my dad asked if I’d mind living in their house until he & my aunts could get the place sold for them. I was down there for several months. I was probably 22 or so at the time, so my first sense of independence was rather enjoyable. My grandmother passed away late in 1990 and my grandfather in 1992. As a thank you for helping them out with the house, my dad & aunts gave me the Sony TV they bought for them….and I’ve had it ever since. The picture on it is still perfect. The fact that it belonged to my grandparents…born in 1897 & 1901…gives me a way to still stay connected to them, even though they’ve been gone for close to 20 years.

–Birthday Cruise. We had a nice, although short, trip out to Oklahoma from June 12-14. We took US 60 from Kentucky out to Oklahoma where we picked up Route 66. We stopped off for dinner at Lambert’s Cafe in Ozark, MO, the home of “throwed rolls”. The food was OK, but I guess the place is more of a novelty than anything. Yes, they have a roll guy who tosses rolls to you from the other side of the room.

We made our way to our friend Laurel Kane’s Afton Station. Afton Station is an old gas station on Route 66 in Afton, Oklahoma dating back to the 1930’s. Laurel & her former husband restored the station over the past 8 years and now it serves as a bona fide Route 66 tourist attraction. Laurel greets folks cruising Route 66 who stop in to take a peek at her collection of old signs and postcards, and David’s collection of vintage Packards and other cars.

–Tires & Turtles. I planned on getting a new set of tires for my Honda later in the year before winter. However, I checked out the web site for Tire Rack, with a distribution center located in South Bend, Indiana. I found a really nice set of BF Goodrich Traction T/A tires that were marked down to $39 from $63. After checking their reviews, it looked as if they performed well in the snow, which is a must for me.

Compared to the Firestones I had my eye on, I saved a whopping $170 by going up to Tire Rack. They had quite the facility. The mega warehouse is some 500,000 square feet and even has a little road course in front where weekend warriors come out to race.

The process took less than an hour by the time I got there. The operation is quite remarkable. The wheels and tires in the facility are all picked off the shelf, mounted on the rims, and then onto the car. But to see the size of the building is something to behold.

With new tires mounted, I made my way east on the Lincoln Highway to Churubusco, Indiana. I’d read where the annual “Turtle Days Festival” was going on, so I thought I’d make the drive over to see what it’s all about. Apparently in ’49, there was supposedly a turtle spotted in a farmer’s pond that had a shell so large that it could seat eight, as it was the size of a dinner table. My dad recalled when the hubbub of the Beast of Busco was going on 60 years ago. The festival was little more than a bunch of amusement park rides at the town park and a 150 year old, 165lb turtle named “Crunch”. It cost $1 to take a peek at Crunch. I’d still like to know how anyone knows how old this guy is.

Whether or not there was a turtle in that pond in ’49 remains to be seen. I give Churubusco all the credit in the world for capitalizing on it nonetheless. Afterall, it got me to show up and spend a couple of bucks in their town.

–Deep South roadtrip! It looks as if July 4th weekend we’ll be back on the road. We’re in the early stages of planning a Great River Road trip, which closely follows the Mississippi River to the Gulf of Mexico. We’ll probably pick it up in St. Louis Thursday and have the next four days to explore. Not sure where all we’re going, but I’ve got a little route that would take us through 11 states in those four days. Not sure if we’ll follow it, as I’m leaving most of the planning of this thing to Jennifer. But stay tuned…I hope to have updates here, provided we have internet access.

So there you have it…a blog entry! Aren’t you glad you waited 5 weeks for it???


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