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Milton the Monster of Kentucky…

Funny how things get unlocked from deep within the bowels of our memory banks. Jennifer & I were down in Madison, Indiana  last weekend shooting some then & now photos from the 1958 movie Some Came Running, starring Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Shirley MacLaine, which was filmed in and around the Madison area.

We had several screen shots from the movie that we brought with us so we could recreate various scenes how they look 51 years later. As a Rat Pack fan, it was VERY cool standing in the same spots where Frank & Dino stood. We were talking about one scene this morning that was filmed at the end of the movie across the Ohio River from Madison in a cemetery. She asked me if the location of the cemetery was still considered Milton, KY, which I believed it to be, and that opened up a vault in my brain where I sung the end of the Milton the Monster cartoon…”I’m Milton….your brand new son”. I have no idea where that came from, but I do remember seeing it in reruns back in the 70’s. Fortunately, someone uploaded the opening of Milton the Monster on YouTube.

I must admit, my rendition of that end was spot on!

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Back in my saddle…

Having one car and combining that with the work schedules of two people can be quite the juggling act. Just leaving an extra 10 minutes in the morning so we’re on time for work can make things seem like a Chinese fire drill around the house at 7:40am. Such has been the case the past 2 1/2 weeks while my beloved Civic has been in the body shop.

As I wrote a couple of weeks ago, my Civic was assaulted in the parking lot of a hotel we were staying in near the Indianapolis airport. Today I picked it up from Speedway Body Shop and as expected, I couldn’t be more happy with the work they did. It went from this mangled mess….

to this finished product:

And now that pesky lock works like it’s supposed to! The window also cranks better than it ever did. I won’t go as far to say this unfortunate incident was a blessing, but well, it’s in better shape than before the attempted break in, so I’ll take it! I just about had a stroke when they gave me the invoice (all paid for by the good folks at American Family Insurance). I was told last week that the door panel had to be replaced because after they worked on it, the new handle wouldn’t fit right, so they went ahead and got a new/used door panel. That added another $291 to the grand total of $1,938.14. Ouch! That’s half of what I paid for the car 2 years ago! But they did a great job and I really like the little extra things they do, like washing the entire car after they were done, as well as vacuuming it and doing the windows. It’s those little things that sell me.

So now my world is back at center. Today was a very good car karma day. I got my car back looking better than it has since I’ve had it, and I went into the license branch this morning and got my new IMS plates for both the Civic and the Corvair.  halloffameIn an amazing sight never witnessed before, I walked in the door, got both registrations, paid and out the door in 20 minutes. Even more to this record setting performance is that when I walked in, I didn’t even need to go to the counter to get a number. As I approached, one of the clerks at the multitude of desks waved me over. What!? I didn’t need to sit and wait for my name to be called? I don’t think this event of biblical proportions will ever be witnessed again. But if you wish to witness where it happened, just head to the Indiana BMV branch on South Emerson Avenue in Beech Grove. You’ll have time there to reflect…while you wait for your name to be called.  😉


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