Some days it just isn’t worth it…

Everyone has their limits. Mine is about 8″. Having a 17 mile drive to work can be a challenge even during the summer, but when Ma Nature drops 9″-plus of snow on those 17 miles, well, that’s where I draw the line. I have a tendency to get agitated rather quickly during certain situations, and driving in snow is one of them. And it typically involves other people around me who are the source of the agitation, not the snow itself. For example, last night we had about 4″ of snow on the ground for my drive home. I’ve got a “snow route” that I take when the weather gets bad that avoids the interstates and takes the side streets through town. I took great strides in finding a route where there was minimal human presence and succeeded. I had no problem at all with the snow covered roads…it was rather easy, given the conditions.

However, when we get dumped with nearly 11″ as we did from yesterday through this morning, not even a good route to work is worth it. I really thought the forecasters would miss this one like they usually do. They said 4-8″…..we got a tick under 11″ here at the house. They still missed the mark.

After waking up to this, I realized….Nah. It would’ve taken a half hour just to unearth the car and get it out of the driveway….into the court that wasn’t plowed. Fortunately I scheduled today off work “just in case” they got the forecast right…or worse.

But all is not lost. This Sunday it’s February and we’ll likely have one or two of those “teaser” days where it gets up in the 50’s or 60’s….just warm enough to remind us that Spring is just around the corner. And with that will come those evenings out on the patio for a cookout or sit by the fire pit or just gaze at the flowers Jennifer’s planted. When those days come, this will be long forgotten….

….and this won’t.


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3 responses to “Some days it just isn’t worth it…

  1. On behalf of those of us a bit further southwest, I apologize for sending that stuff your way. But hey, you get a day off! Our frozen precip quit at about 2 a.m., as it was eager to get to Indiana, I think. I feared getting out of my ice-slick driveway this morning at 5 a.m. to get to dialysis, but there was enough snow on top of the ice to make it have a little traction. And I just got back UP the driveway, too. Things are looking better, and will look better for you soon, too. Ma

  2. Pat

    I just knew nothing good ever comes out of Oklahoma. 😉

  3. About 6″? Not to brag, but when I lived in Sapporo, Japan, I shoveled 6″ every morning to free the car, 6″ again at work to free the car, and often 6″ again to park the car. It snowed nearly every day from mid-December to mid-March. By the end of winter, I could enter a Mister Universe contest. Of course, my chest and arm muscles would then atrophy back to zilch by the time spring came.

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