Losing an old friend…

Saturday was a melancholy day for me. The RCA Dome/Hoosier Dome was imploded at 9:36am. Opened in just 1983, it seemed like a lot of money wasted. But, it was the smallest stadium in the NFL and in today’s sports business, you need arenas and stadiums with all the latest bells & whistles to compete. With the possibility of the Indianapolis Colts moving to Los Angeles, the leaders of Indianapolis chose to break ground on a state of the art stadium in 2005 complete with a retractable roof.

I remember well when the Hoosier Dome was under construction. I took a greater interest in it due to the fact that my dad worked there during its construction, doing plumbing work.

 The dome was never the most architecturally pleasing structure to look at with it’s putty colored exterior and white inflated roof, and it didn’t do much to enhance the Indianapolis skyline. I could imagine anyone flying into or out of Indianapolis saw it as a big bandage while looking down at it.

But, it held a lot of events there over it’s 25 year run. I recall my own events I watched there: 

–The 1984 Olympic basketball team game

–My first Colts game when they played the St. Louis Cardinals who had Neil Lomax at quarterback

— My high school football team won back to back state football championships there with some guy named Jeff George at quarterback

–Watching the IU basketball team practice there in 1987 on their way to the NCAA Championship

–Watching my old grade school through high school chum Jeff George suit up for the Colts in the early 1990’s

–Seeing Rev. Billy Graham there ten years ago

–Watching a Speedway High School football game there on a Saturday morning a couple of year ago

–And the last time I was in there on February 5, 2007 during the Colts Super Bowl victory celebration

Make no mistake, the new Lucas Oil Stadium is a thing of beauty, as you can see.

 And I’m sure over the next 25 years I’ll have some memories to report then as well. But anytime we are forced to “move on”, you can’t help but feel a little nostalgic for what you must leave behind. So long, old friend.


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3 responses to “Losing an old friend…

  1. Jim

    I have no fond memories of the Hoosier Dome. I saw a concert there once; the acoustics were terrible. And I sort of watched the Colts lose a Monday night game there once; I say sort of because the seats were terrible.

    Although it bothered me mightily to see a perfectly good stadium be discarded, I don’t think I’ll miss the Dome now that she’s gone.

  2. I get a little misty every time I see a big building imploded. Although I’ve never been in the Hoosier Dome, your excellent presentation of it’s demise caused me to be particularly sad. I just remember seeing it each time I drove through Indy, and will miss it.

  3. Jennifer

    I thought it was annoying how one guy on TV yesterday, in a sentiment shared by many, said he felt “old” because he actually “outlived” a building. Outrageous…the building was deemed past its useful life for its intended purpose as a football stadium because “they” changed the standards. Since it’s not up to date, state of the art, with corporate suites meeting the new standards, it’s past its “useful life.” This, despite the fact that there’s probably nothing actually wrong with the building.

    Welcome to our “throwaway” U.S. society…I sure hope they don’t implode the Coliseum before I go to Rome! 🙂

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