Drilling for money with oil…..

OK, so I’ve never really been much into the whole multi level marketing scene. Over the years I’ve turned down friends who’ve tried to get me into everything from Amway to long distance phone service. But now, I’ve joined the fray. If you’ve never heard of Amsoil (not affiliated with Amway!), that’s fixin’ to change.


I’ve changed the oil in all of my cars ever since I got my first car in 1987. I could count on probably one finger the number of times I had someone change my oil in those 21 years. Coming from a car family, changing your own oil is something YOU just did. I never really thought too much about oil for several years, but started to “study” the subject around 1994. I was planning a trip out to Southern California and was really close to driving out there. Being a “3,000 mile oil change” guy, I knew I either had to get the oil changed during the trip or put in synthetic oil in my ’87 Cavalier for the entire trip. I didn’t know much about synthetic oil other than it was expensive and you could run it longer than conventional oil. So at that point, I got on the internet (when the internet was still young…..I was too, actually) and learned about viscosity, API ratings, thermal breakdown, etc, etc. Well, with all that in mind, I did some calculating and realized taking the Greyhound to SoCal would be more economical than driving. On top of that, I had some confidence problems with my Cavalier even making it past Oklahoma, so the $169 round trip ticket on the bus didn’t look too bad.


Ever since then, I’ve kept that interest in automotive lubricants, almost to an obsession, and have learned a little more here & there. A few years ago I found a home where others with my “disease” have migrated: http://bobistheoilguy.com. It was there where my learning really took off and where I took a good look at Amsoil. I had heard of it a long time ago, but always heard how expensive it was & hard to get. Well, those myths were debunked as I found out it’s not that much more expensive than other synthetics and it’s really easy to get. Several guys on “the bob site” get their oil analyzed after changing it. Yes, at first it may sound rather anal, but oil analysis serves a very good purpose. Not only does it indicate how the oil held up during its cycle, but it also indicates if your engine is developing a problem, such as a coolant leak. Anytime an Amsoil analysis would come up, I’d pay close attention & compare it to other oils. One night I set up a spreadsheet and compared several different synthetics and after some fiddling with the numbers, overall Amsoil was at or near the top when it came to showing the best wear. It was enough for me to give it a try. I’ve tried just about everything over the years, but being a creature of habit, I wanted to develop a brand loyalty. I seem to have found what I’m looking for! I first opened a “Preferred Customer” account with Amsoil that basically gets me the oil at dealer cost. Recently I was looking through some of my materials they sent me and happened to look at the money making opportunities. Granted, I don’t intend to retire off this, but I thought I could at least make some money off me in the form of commissions from my purchases. Then I found out there’s an opportunity through internet sales. Then there are opportunities for Amsoil to send customers my way. Then I thought….eh, why not? So I sent in my registration to become a dealer, and last week I became official. I purchased a basic web site from Amsoil that they maintain and host for a minimal fee, and that web site was launched today.  


I have no idea if anyone I know will buy it off of me, but that’s quite alright. I’m not going to push things hard. I’ll let my brothers know about it, and the folks in my Corvair club, but that’s about it. If I make a buck or two, then that’s a buck or two I didn’t have before. But regardless of how it works out, I’m planning on doing things right….just as any business person would. Besides, my “profits” will be going into my garage fund, so I’ve got an incentive to do things right. It’ll be a learning experience, but I plan on making it a fun one.

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