The latest branch of the Bremer family tree….

It’s a girl!  Little Annabelle Marie Bremer came into the world at 1am on Thursday November 13, 2008 in Indianapolis, checking in at 8lbs and 20″ long. She belongs to my nephew Ryan and his wife Katie. She marks the first offspring of my dad’s grandkids, so she’s the first of the next generation of Bremers. With dad having 9 grandkids, the tree will likely grow quite large in the decades to come.

Here are a couple shots from tonight, with my brother Jeff and wife April. Jeff’s not been so thrilled about being a grandpa at 42, but I don’t think he’s minding too much right now!




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2 responses to “The latest branch of the Bremer family tree….

  1. Jim

    My goodness, grandpa at 42.

    I’m 41, my stepson is 23… dang, do I feel relieved that he’s not seeing anybody right now.

  2. roadmaven

    We feel the same way. Jennifer’s 21 year old daughter isn’t in the market either, but let’s just make sure your stepson and her don’t meet anytime soon. 😉

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