Up on the roof

Today was quite a fun day. First I had a Corvair club meeting, which went pretty well. I sold some more of our 2009 club calendars that we made and which Jennifer shot the photos for. I had to pick her up at her office downtown after my meeting so we could run around today and hit some orchards. Nice day…mostly sunny & around 60. She & Amber drove down to her office so Amber could take some pictures up on the roof of Jennifer’s office for a photography class she’s taking at IUPUI. There are some nice views of downtown up there, as we sat up there a couple of years ago to watch the July 4th fireworks shot off of the top of the Regions Bank building. Up on the roof, they have for some reason a shower head and two faucets on the side of a “shed” that houses the workings for the ancient elevator that’s in their building. For a project, Amber wanted to take some pics of that and add some bathroom amenities to it:

While she was doing that, I had my Canon PowerShot with me, so I took a few photos from various parts of the roof:

And a familiar face was waiting for me when I arrived…


It was really nice & peaceful up there. We really love the atmosphere downtown near her office. “One day” we’d like to move down to that area of downtown, be it in an condo or apartment.  It’s a very vibrant area of downtown and we love just walking around down there and getting our groceries at O’Malia’s across the street from her office in the old Sears building. Called the “Mass Ave.” District, here’s some info. Ahhh, one day….




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2 responses to “Up on the roof

  1. Jim

    I worked in the Gold Building in the mid 90s and used to walk over to O’Malia’s at lunch. I fell in love with working Downtown then, but unfortunately very few jobs in my industry are there. I’ve worked in every corner of the Northside and northern suburbs since, but would love to get back Downtown.

  2. roadmaven

    Downtown truly is a fun place to work. In 2003, I worked for two miserable months in the accounts payable department at the Star, but my only rescue was the hour I’d walk over to the grill in O’Malia’s, Brother Junipers, or the Subway on Alabama and meet Jennifer for lunch. I’m sure she doesn’t miss those days too much, as they were more counseling sessions for me. 🙂

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