My first town council meeting…

Aside from running the online forum for American Road magazine, I’m also a moderator for an online forum a few of us formed for residents of Speedway. Having an interest in what’s going on in our little town, I’ve always tuned in every other Monday to our local cable access channel to watch the Speedway Town Council meetings. So through our forum, I’ve been able to meet some of my fellow citizens and some of our town leaders who are members of the forum.  Tonight I went to my first council meeting with one of my fellow moderators. This happened to be one of the longer meetings, as they had every department head give their monthly report: police chief, fire chief, street department superintendent, wastewater superintendent, water superintendent, and the redevelopment commission director.

Speedway will soon be undertaking a multi-million dollar redevelopment project that will change the face of town. Even though this has been in the works for 3 years now, we still haven’t seen any dirt moved yet, as it’s quite a tedious process. There are many detractors to what the Speedway Redevelopment Commission is trying to do, and unfortunately it’s causing a big divide in this town. But in my humble opinion, there’s nothing else Speedway can do but move forward. The need to create a new tax base is the most important thing at this point, because if not, Speedway will very well lose some essential services and possibly worse, lose it’s autonomy as a municipality. But, back on point, one of the things I thought would be cool with redevelopment would be the implementation of new street signs throughout town. I’ve seen a lot of communities who utilize their local high school’s colors and mascot in their street signs. You may have seen this too where you live. So my little crusade was to have the “new” Speedway do something similar. I gave Jennifer my idea and she put her skills to work and came up with this:

The little guy on there is “Sparky”, the Speedway mascot. Speedway High School has one of the coolest nicknames anywhere: The Speedway Sparkplugs. Well, I had posted this on our Speedway forum a while back. And as membership grew, word of our forum got around. Two of the members are council member Lu Hillmer and town manager Barb Lawrence. We ran into them at Dawson’s recently and had a good chat about local stuff. We talked a little about my crusade for the street signs. Sometime after that conversation, the council came up with a few new “advisory councils” made up of citizens covering arts, housing, civic events, and infrastructure. Tonight at the meeting, all four advisories were voted on and passed. Rich & I stayed after the meeting to say our hellos to Lu & Barb and as soon as Barb saw me, she gave me a “statement of interest” application for the Infrastructure Advisory Council and *expected* me to submit it. I know nothing about it other than what I read on the town’s website tonight. I’ll at least find out for sure what all is involved. But being a road geek, the signage part might be cool. And plus, if it provides me a back door into getting Speedway to recognize the Dixie Highway once came through here, I just might do it. A small plaque or something situated somewhere in town would make a lot of roadies pleased.

Stay tuned……


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2 responses to “My first town council meeting…

  1. Hey! I’m actually ON my town council–not sure how that happened. It’s different on the other side, too. By some weird**s twist of fate, I’m now the President of the Board. Yeah, who would have thought? Keep going to the meetings and try to offer positive comments, as well—they really are appreciated.

  2. roadmaven

    Hey Sharyn, that’s cool stuff! I’m guessing you’re applying what we learned in Mr. Hodges’ economics class at Warren Central in 1986, aren’t you?. 😉

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