Now I get it….

For the past couple of years, Jennifer & her daughter Amber have had “this thing” for this Italian signer, Patrizio Buanne. They’ve traveled to Chicago (twice), St. Louis, and Cleveland to see his shows. This weekend, there was yet another show, this time at the Arcada Theater in St. Charles, Illinois, about an hour west of Chicago.

Since I didn’t have anything going on this weekend, I got the “OK” to tag along. I planned on bumming around St. Charles while they were at the show, but Jennifer got an e-mail that there were still plenty of tickets available and wanted to know if I wanted to go. Well, not being too excited about spending $59 on a ticket, she said she’d get it for me. SOLD! I wouldn’t be able to sit with them, as they already had their tix, but she was able to get my ticket on the opposite end of the row they were in. Amber eventually took a different seat that was closer to the stage, so I then sat with Jennifer for the show.

I was impressed with his stage presence and candor with the audience. His playlist included traditional Italian tunes, some Dean Martin tunes, and even some “old school” rock & roll from the 50’s & 60’s, while doing very well on the Elvis songs he sang. Overall, I was glad I went to the concert instead of possibly giving a workout on the remote control at the Country Inn where we stayed in St. Charles. The estrogen was at full throttle all night long, courtesy the 800 women present. The 20 or so husbands and boyfriends that showed were soundly outnumbered, but I think we all escaped with our Man Cards intact.

For a while, Amber had been putting her art school education to good use by making a painting of Patrizio. Being rather shy, she knew it would be a struggle to ever show it to him, as he has signings following most of his shows. He’s aware of who Amber is and that she’s an artist, as he actually visits his online forum and knows who his fans are. At Cleveland the other week at his post-concert meet & greet, he actually saw Amber at the back of the room (as he was being adored by a bunch of ladies) and pointed at her & called her by name. Needless to say, she was still “glowing” from that moment the next day when she & Jennifer got home. He had another signing after the St. Charles show Friday night & after the show was over, I made my way to the car to retrieve the painting. We got in line, and I thought Amber was going to pass out even before we got to his table. So we went to the back of the line so we could be last and hopefully relieve a little pressure. Once it was our turn, Amber sheepishly told him she painted it for him. I could tell by the expression on his face he was honestly taken aback by what he saw. He mentioned that he had seen it on his forum. He signed the back of it and came around from his table to have us take a picture of the two of them with the painting. One telling sign that he was appreciative of what she did is that he wasn’t coming from behind the table for anyone else….he’d just lean over the table with everyone else for a picture. He then took a few minutes to talk to us, asked my opinion of the show & wanted to know if I thought there was too much rock & roll. I figured since 90% of his shows are female, he probably knows guys are going to be a tougher sell & he has to count on his talent when it comes to his male audience. Whereas with the women, well, he could sing like me & it still wouldn’t matter! He then wanted a picture of Jennifer, Amber, and the painting, so I obliged.

Towards the end of the show, Amber and some others made their way to the stage. She shot this video of him singing “Bella Bella Signorina”. Enjoy!


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2 responses to “Now I get it….

  1. Wow … Amber’s painting is amazing. What a gift.

  2. I hope I didn’t tell him it was for him. It was originally, but I didn’t wanna inconvenience him so I made it for me.

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